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What is Touché Royale?



Discover Luxury Fragrances with the Magical Effects of Pure Gemstones

When it comes to fragrances, every note tells a unique story. And when these notes come together, they craft a unique brand story. This is how we became a pioneering name in the perfume industry in the entire UAE and want to spread that to India. To get an overview of our rich assortment of luxury fragrances from all corners of the world, visit our gallery now!

Our Story

Bringing forth a legacy in a blend of Oriental and Western craftsmanship, we are a brand based on uncompromising quality. We proudly celebrate the rich connection between the two seemingly opposite worlds -perfumery and gemstones for empowering our emerging audience to embrace their identity. 

Born out of precious beginnings and based on plentiful achievements, our stories are drawn from the grandeur and drama of the East while getting inspiration by the dynamism and power of the West. 

Perfume Assortment Blending with the Grandeur of Gemstones

We proudly present our unique offering of world-class perfumes blending with the essence and richness of gemstones complementing the powerful fragrances. You can go through our bespoke blend of Arabic influence and Arabic fragrances like Oud. It is a highly renowned ingredient offering divine fragrances for varied purposes. We take pride in partnering with experienced wellness experts and perfumery artists to come up with the ideal concoctions for your tastes.  

‘More than a perfume’ is the promise we deliver. Our unique fusion of fragrant essences with the powers of complementing gemstones promises the experiences of well-being, elation, and abundant euphoria. Thanks to the presence of active ingredients and natural essence in our perfume range, our product range is immensely aromatic in nature. 

The fact that separates us from others is that we blend our bespoke perfumes with semi-precious and precious stones within the bottle. Roll on the notes of fine perfumery in fusion with the divine powers of precious and semi-precious stones to elevate your senses. 


Helping You Choose the Right Gemstone with Your Perfume

Depending on your choice of perfumes, we suggest the right gemstone to deliver its mythical powers and energies. Supporting different ‘chakras’ of the body, the right blend of fragrance and powers of the gemstone will fill your life with contentment and grandeur. We focus on targeting the right energy center known for influencing relationships, heart, self-care, love, and other notions.

Most of our unique perfume and gemstone combinations are geared towards promoting luck, prosperity, lasting relationships, and abundance in all forms. 

As far as our perfume range is concerned, our proprietary fragrance comprises only 100% natural essential oils and absolutes obtained directly from flowers, grasses, leaves, citrus, seeds, fruits, spices, and wood via different distillation procedures. All our contemporary formulae for perfume manufacturing offer strength to enhance the long lasting power.

Celebrating Fragrance in Its Unique Sense

We are leading in the industry of luxury perfumery in India. We craft original, 100% natural exotic perfumes enriched with the divinity of semi-precious and precious stones. We are committed to making the world of fragrance sophistication available for all looking to shop for perfume online in India. Our exquisite collections include a number of fragrance choices that can be designed for you depending on your gemstone selection. 

What are you waiting for? Order your Luxury Perfume now!

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About Us

We are a leading luxury perfume group in India. We believe that a gem is carved out of bespoke beauty. Its enchanting scent of love captivates and charms. With us, leverage the beneficial aspects of gemstones in perfumes. As you intake the gemstone-infused perfume through nose (the most important sensory organ) as opposed to the skin, it leaves you enchanted throughout. 

Company Overview

We are your one-stop destination for bringing forth the unique collection of the blend of Arabic influence and Arabic fragrances like Oud. Inspired by the natural energy of gemstones and true nature, our brand was created by curated gemstone experts. We bring forth the latest perfume trends around the globe since its inception. Our brand name is symbolic with the rarity and preciousness of natural stones delivering passion -sparked by the lucrative beginning of our journey.

Our Vision

To create a unique fragrance and perfumery signature blending the magic of West and East and the moments of the present, the past, and the future. We bring forth the wellness benefits of gemstones in perfumes through authentic ingredients including sandalwood and Oud merged with the French magic into our perfumes. 

Our Mission

We are committed to challenging assumptions while drawing inspiration and encouraging ideas.

Our Values


Being undivided and whole, consistency in the overall interactions at varying levels to build unmatched loyalty and trust with our people.


Acknowledgement, appreciation, and acceptance of everyone from anywhere.


We bring forth pioneering perfumery trends while offering a precious and rare product line.

In addition to supplying the essentials of flavor and fragrance ingredients, we passionately work with leading market innovators in the modern fragrance industry to channelize the latest ‘fragrance ideas.’ We are committed to understanding and extending the unique selling points of new, innovative ingredients in our collection and how they can be combined with existing aromas for diverse user applications. 

We bring forth a legacy of oriental craftsmanship in the era of modern perfumery. More than a perfume is what we deliver. Our contemporary fusion of fragrances with the essence of precious gemstones assures the experiences of unmatched luxury, elation, and euphoria throughout. With our active ingredients and natural essence of precious gemstones, you can be mesmerized by our unique perfume range.

Since our inception, we strive to deliver excellence while maintaining a perfect balance of unique creative flow of inspiration and elegance. Contact us now to explore and know more!

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