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  • Middle East fragrance traditions and popular scents you should know about

    With a strong culture about perfumes, Arabic or Middle East traditions have played a significant role in the overall development of European perfumery. Resins, spices, animal essentials, herbs, and exotic wood oils as musk or ambergris are some of the essential raw materials that Arabic fragrances have traditionally utilized towards creating enchanting scents. At the same time, flowers like jasmine, orange, or rose blossoms are and have been consistently used in Arabia or Middle East perfumes. An Insight into the Use of Scents in the Middle East The Islamic culture is known to have used perfumery with deep connections to the religion and its beliefs. The first-ever use of perfumery was recorded way back in the VI century. Most families in the Arabian region used to prepare something known as ‘Bakhoor.’ It was a type of incense that was used for purifying homes and surroundings. Every Arabian family typically used to have their own scent or fragrance of Bakhoor. It is because families used to mix ingredients like sugar, musk, amber, and so more to produce the scent. They made use of the ingredients to prepare a paste that was dried under sunlight. This resulted into the formation of a dried block. The block was eventually divided into smaller pieces. Then, these pieces were burned. It resulted in the production of a fume that was responsible for perfuming the entire room or area. Middle East Fragrances -An Olfactory Experience Like Never Before The perfumes of the Middle East are immensely appealing, alluring, and mysterious. The scenario presents an aromatic panorama of potent woody, smoky, floral, and sensual elements. These fragrances have become immensely popular due to the advent of modern perfumes who have been successful in capturing the exquisite essence of the Middle East fragrances while presenting a highly dynamic and sophisticated consumer base. In the Middle East region of the world, perfumes are regarded as a powerful statement about the overall individuality. The use of perfumes has been associated with attracting the attention of the holy spirits and repelling the evil ones. It is omnipresent in the Arabic community and deeply embedded in society, history, religion, and even daily customs. Middle East Scents and Its Culture The Emiratis -along with other neighbors in the Persian Gulf including Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, and Saudi Arabia, are regarded as some of the most extravagant spenders per capita on luxury perfume in the world. It is estimated that they keep purchasing a bottle of luxury perfume almost every two months. This is in comparison to an average Westerner who spends on perfumes only every six months. For both women and men of the Arab World, the application of high-end scents appears to be ritualistic. Therefore, it involves the layering of different oils -including jasmine, Oud, rose, or musk. They even go ahead with infusing hair and clothing with smoke out of incense-like concoction known as ‘Bakhoor.’ It is prepared with the help of wooden chips soaked in perfume-based oil while mixing the same with other ingredients like sandalwood. All the elements are effectively combined before being sprayed in the form of perfumes. The process of layering tends to be complex as well as artistic as it involves ample experience and precise skills. Blending different scents like spiced, woody, or floral might not get along with each other upon being bottled. However, ultimately, they turn out to be delightfully fragrant when the scents are layered on top of one another. Use of Scents by the Arabic Population in the Middle East For a majority of Arabic population, fragrant oils are also applied on the skin of children to ensure protection against bakhoor burns and sunburns on a daily basis. The formulae for these essential oils are passed down through generations. In the Arabian culture, fragrance is also associated with a divine dining experience. In most homes and families, right after a meal, guests are mostly presented with a tray of fragrance to try out as a sample. While Westerners are known to love divine perfume formulations while considering it as one of the secondary or tertiary fashion accessories, in the Middle East nations, fragrance is regarded as almost something sacred. For instance, in Dubai, fragrance is regarded as the ultimate form of self-expression. Therefore, women here keep changing their perfumes quite often -similar to the way women in the West change their outfits. Additionally, the codification of perfumes is perceived distinctively here. While attitudes keep changing, western fragrances for most part tend to be gender-specific. The Arabic culture continues doing away with these cultural disparities. Still, the concept of equality of women in this part of the world is still a major issue. Despite the fact, women & men continue wearing same fragrances. Perfume is highly renowned in the Islamic religion. Therefore, it is specified across several instances are sacred in the scriptures of the Holy Quran. The Advent of the Attar in the Middle East In the West, a majority of perfumes are made out of alcohol. Alcohol is strictly prohibited amongst the Muslims and people of the Middle East. Therefore, perfumes in this region of the world are prepared with essential oils. The essence of these perfumes is enhanced by adding herbs, spices, or distilled water. The combination of different oils and essential ingredients is referred to as the Attar. Attar serves to be a unique way to experience fragrance altogether. It is because of the unique composition that is enhanced with the use of exclusive ingredients like musk, amber, and rose. Due to this, these ingredients are mixed together boldly (known as layering) to go ahead with experimenting with new and exciting notes along with different levels of intensity. Understanding the Importance of Oud in Fragrances of the Middle East The overall influence of the modern culture of the Middle East has significantly shifted the concept of perfumery -quite exclusively due to the effects of Oud or even Agarwood fragrances. Oud is a precious raw material that is extracted out of the fungus-infected resinous heartwood of the Aloeswood or Agarwood tree. This tree is primarily found in the dense forests of India, Southeast Asia, and Bangladesh. The term Oud is derived from the Arabic term implying wood. The single, powerful ingredient is responsible for representing the essence of traditions and the fragrance culture of the Middle East. Oudh is renowned for its property to form successive layers of scents -blending essences of smoky and warm notes combined with that of dampened wood. The ingredient aims at enhancing the retaining power of important olfactory elements. This aroma out of Oudh ingredient is known to be precious, rare, and complex. When this aroma is blended with other fragrant oils, it goes ahead with delivering a sense of comfort, opulence, and luxury -in comparison to other perfumery ingredient. A Glance at the World of Oudh Fragrances of the Middle East Oudh comprises of several aspects of the world of perfumes. It is capable of being simultaneously pleasing and pungent. When you blend Oudh with touches of fruity or floral fragrances, the predominant fragrance turns out to be sensual and musky. Oudh has been an integral part of the Middle East perfume landscape for several centuries. The Prophet -Muhammad, had referred to Agarwood or Aloeswood as a rare item found in the Heaven. He even went forth to encourage the tradition of Oudh fumigation -a practice continuing in the Islamic world even until this day. In the Hebrew scriptures, the famous verse of Song of Songs has also mentioned Oud to be a form of incense. In the modern era, Oudh is referred to as the scent of five thousand dollar per pound. Therefore, it is regarded as one of the most expensive ingredients in the world for fragrances. As resin gets triggered only due to the formation of mold, the overall rarity of the raw material makes Oudh extremely expensive and authentic. According to a belief, it is estimated that only one out of ten trees out there will feature the infected heartwood. Perfume experts and connoisseurs continue seeking materials out of older trees as they tend to feature superior richness of the aroma of the resin. However, a number of trees of the agarwood species are now regarded as endangered. Initially, the addition of Oudh in the manufacturing of western fragrances was hit only in the Middle East. However, now the world-famous essence or scent has surpassed global boundaries while becoming one of the most extracts perfumers continue incorporating across a wide range of unique fragrance selections. As a matter of fact, every fragrance house out there in the world feature at least one scent containing the essence of Oudh. Important Statistics on Oudh It is estimated that the Oudh international market excels at around $6 billion. Moreover, its overall value is believed to be around one-and-a-half-times more than the valuable gold. This is the reason why Oudh is also referred to as Liquid Gold in several instances. As per a recent report, it is estimated that Oudh can mostly cost around $5,000 for every pound. At the same time, retailers are able to sell around 3 grams of Oudh for around $300. It is claimed that only a little portion of oil is required during every application. Therefore, it is expected that a single bottle of Oudh essential oil can last an average user almost an entire year. Other Important Elements of the Middle East Fragrances · Opoponax: It is another essential raw material that is also known as Sweet Myrrh. It is derived out of the natural resin of the shrub’s stem growing across the arid regions of the Middle East. The raw material is intensely versatile while being used as an essential oil in the Middle East -especially in the perfumery industry. It is because the raw material blends effectively while providing access to aromatic balance with several other essential oils -including the ones found in resin, spices, wood, citrus, floral, and herbal species. Within the scope of natural applications, opoponax is used in the form of a base or middle note. In most cases, it is also burned in the form of incense for its immensely relaxing and grounding properties. Its aroma is mostly velvety, woody, and warm. · Cistus-Labdanum: It is a famous indigenous small-sized shrub that features beautiful pink & white flowers. The shrub is mostly covered with a resin known as ‘labdanum.’ The resin prevents the flowers and shrub from drying out under the conditions of intense, dry heat of the Middle East. In the field of perfumery, the resin is extracted as it emits an aroma that appears both animalistic and woody. The gum of labdanum is primarily used in the form of incense while featuring as the base note across several fragrances. The ingredient blends effectively with dark & musky patchouli and earthly oak moss. Gold Parfum from Touche Royale has just the right mix of Oudh and other ingredients that make it an epitome of luxury The Art of Layering in the Middle East Part of the international demand of the Middle East fragrances is also a perfect blend of different fragrances -subtle, sharp, and even spicy. These fragrances are capable of catering to the modern lifestyles of people in metros. Underneath thawb (longer garments worn by men) and abayas (the long garment worn by women) in the Middle East, people in this region wear layers as an integral part of the lifestyle. This is applicable not just in garments but also in fragrances. Throughout the Arab world, both women & men regard fragrances ritualistically -layering several layers of perfumes and essential oils. Conclusion Perfumes are precious accessories of the Middle East. You can enter the mesmerizing world of divine perfumes and essential oils that are prevalent in the Middle East.

  • What is Oud fragrance and why is it so expensive?

    Have you heard about a fragrance that is more expensive than gold itself? That is Oud! Also referred to as Agarwood or Wood Resin, this ingredient in the fragrance industry has been in existence for thousands of years across different cultures of the world. Oud has been successful in making a quick addition to the world of scents. Oud serves to be a highly luxurious and valued scent. As a matter of fact, it is considered as a delightful experience for many. This is why you will come across multiple variations of the Oud scent in the perfumery industry. However, what exactly is Oud? Why is it so special? Let us help you understand the meaning and importance of Oud and the reason behind its expensive tag. What is Oud? Oud or Oudh is referred to as the ‘5 thousand dollar per pound fragrance.’ It is by far one of the most expensive fragrances or perfume ingredients in the world. Also going by the name as Agarwood, the essential oil of Oudh is extracted out of the resinous heartwood of the Agar tree that has been infected by a type of fungus. Agar tree is primarily found in the forests of Bangladesh, India, and Southeast Asia. The extract or oil out of the Agar tree is extracted through the process of melting the resin or distilling from the wood. As per a popular belief, it is said that out of every 10 trees in the wild, only of them has a chance of getting infected in the heartwood. Industry experts or perfume specialists from all around the world seek older trees in the forest as they feature unparalleled richness in terms of the aroma of the resin. However, a number of older trees of the given species are regarded as threatened species. As the resin gets triggered by the infection of the fungus or creation of the mold, it is estimated that only around 2 percent of the Agar trees are responsible for producing the unique resin. This fact has contributed to the overall status of Oudh as one of the most expensive commodities in the market of essential oils or perfumery. What is the Value of Oud Essential Oils? According to a study report, it is estimated that the annual market of Oud shines at around $6 billion. The overall value of Oudh has been estimated to be around 1/3 times that of gold. Due to these reasons, the Oudh extract is also referred to as the ‘liquid gold.’ According to a report by Forbes, it is estimated that the extract or Oud essential oil can cost around $5,000 for every pound. In most cases, Oudh retailers out there sell a bottle of just 3 grams at around $300 or even more. According to the retailers, only a little amount of oil or extract is needed for every application. Therefore, it is expected that a single bottle should last almost an entire year for an average user. The fragrance of Oudh comprises multiple components and experiences. It could be simultaneously pungent, yet quite pleasing at the same time. The fragrance is also capable of evoking smoky, warm notes with slight variations of dampened wood. While you can experience subtlety blended with instances of fruity and floral at the same time, the predominant fragrance of Oudh is sensual and musky throughout. The exquisite and complex fragrance of Oudh serves to be a rare, precious, and intriguing gift to the nature. When this essential oil is blended with other fragrances or essential oils, it helps in the creation of an olfactory experience that is capable of permeating any given internal environment with a sense of luxury, opulence, and ultimate comfort. An Insight into the History of Oudh Historians have traced back the history of Oudh to the ancient times. There is the presence of inconvertible evidence lying within scriptures and references of multiple ancient cultures of the world. The Prophet -Mohammad, is known to carry forward the tradition of fumigation with Oudh or agarwood. It is a practice that continues in the Islamic community even until today. The Holy Prophet had referred to agarwood as the unique item that is found in the Paradise. According to a famous Hebrew tradition, the popular Song of Songs has described Oudh as a type of incense. There are early records from Central Vietnam that date back to the time of the 3rd century AD. According to these records, there have been mentions of extracting Oudh and Agarwood while exporting Oudh to Japan and China. In these nations, Oudh was burned for several centuries in the form of incense sticks. It is also believed that affluent people from ancient China used to construct coffins out of the famous resinous heartwood. If we look into its glorious history, we will come across a strong and beautiful connection with the utilization of the highly aromatic substance with the historical Fengshui tradition. It is a discipline that governs the overall flow of energy in a specific space. In traditions of Buddhism, the most precious beads string with 108 numbers is made out of agarwood. As per historical records, the Islamic community has also always valued the precious resin in forms of both personal perfume and an essential oil. As the overall use of Oudh started spreading to Europe, France’s royalty -especially Louis the XIV (also known as the Sun King and famous for its odd indulgences), loved the innate fragrance intensely. As a result, he even ordered that his clothes should be washed in Oud. How is Oudh Used in Modern Perfumery? In the modern world of complex formulations of perfumes or fragrances, Oud has been successful in gaining major popularity and interest throughout the globe. Quite lately, some renowned designers of the world have also unveiled their customized fragrances by using the highly cherished and fragrant Oudh essential oil. Some of the instances include Gold Parfum by Touche Royale and Oud Wood by Tom Ford. The ever-rising popularity of boutique hotels during the time of the 1980s brought about a new and a highly opulent traveling experience. With this experience, exotic and rare scents catering to those having an extravagant taste and money was no big deal came into existence. When Oud is used as a major component in the manufacturing of scents or fragrances, it mostly serves as a base note. This implies that it will remain on the skin for several hours after the other fragrances tend to dissipate. As Oud essential oils form the foundation of the perfumes, base notes tend to be quite heavy, rich, and long-lasting (lasting for around 6 hours or even more). Oud oils have the purpose of enhancing the scent of additional ingredients as well. In some cases, they might even impart a fragrance of their own. While most wooden notes for fragrance are famous for their earthly traits, Oudh is known to impart a pleasant and sweet fragrance. Therefore, it usually features as the synthetic version as it is quite expensive to harvest. Understanding the Hidden Benefits of Wearing Oud Oudh is available as an exquisite essential oil featuring multiple applications -ranging from therapeutic to spiritual to even medicinal. The applications of Oudh Perfume are usually associated with serenity and harmony of the spirit. When the same is applied regularly, it implies the removal of negative and destructive energies in your home or surrounding. Oudh oil also finds its applications in the field of medicine as it serves to be an effective aid for ensuring meditation. It helps in enhancing mental clarity while easing obsessive and neurotic behavior. In the Middle East, men & women are known to burn chips of Oudh wood to make their clothes and houses fragrant. Most Muslims have the belief that their prayers tend to rise with the fragrant smoke of agarwood while being carried directly to the creator. Agarwood, Aloeswood, or Oudh is a type of resinous wood that serves to be a popular ingredient in air fresheners and perfumes. Oud is also a highly treasured product in the far East. The incense that is formed out of burning the powerful wood pieces -usually in religious ceremonies and spiritual practices. There are several other benefits of Oud -especially in the perfumery industry. · Calming Properties: Oud features a strong, mystical smell. Moreover, it is also famous for its psychological and spiritual benefits. The natural ingredient is particularly famous for the overall calming properties. It helps in removing destructive and negative energies surrounding the human aura. This is the reason why oud essential oil is utilized in the field of aromatherapy. It also helps in boosting mental functionality and improving a feeling of content and harmony. · Psychoactive Properties: Agarwood or Aloeswood is renowned for its immensely psychoactive properties. This trait makes Oud significantly useful for relieving stress and boosting cognition. At the same time, essence of Oud also helps in reducing impulsive and obsessive behavior. Ultimately, it results in the development of harmonious relationships. When you make use of Oud at your home for aroma, it serves to be beneficial for your overall mental health for all residing in the premises of the house. · Elimination of Negative Energies: Oud-based products -including incense or perfumes, are helpful in eliminating negative energies in any given surrounding. Moreover, it is also believed that the smoke that is created out of burning oud wood is capable of carrying prayers to the ultimate Creator. The practice of burning oud is quire prevalent in the Islamic culture. It is because in Islam, people strongly believe that Agarwood or Aloeswood has innate spiritual properties. · Medicinal Properties: In addition to spiritual benefits, Oud is also famous for its wide range of medicinal properties and benefits. It serves to be a natural tonic. Moreover, it is also used by many in the form of a remedy to cure epilepsy. Oud is popular for its aphrodisiac and antimicrobial properties. In most cases, oud and its aroma has been associated with curing asthma and other lung-related ailments. Moreover, Oud is helpful in cases of clearing disorders associated with the nervous system. The fragrance of agarwood is known to provide calmness and ease in specific conditions like diarrhea, cancer, nausea, and several breathing illnesses. Oud is also known to be used in the treatment of tumors of the lungs and the stomach. In its essence, agarwood or oud is considered a highly precious resource. With habitat loss, over-harvesting, and deforestation, it has become immensely crucial to retain the rarity. Thankfully, agarwood trees across the world are nowadays being carefully monitored to ensure its survival. Therefore, you can expect the precious fragrance of Oudh to be available for several years on the row. What Does Oud Perfume Smell Like? Oud perfume is prepared out of the resinous heartwood of the agarwood or aloeswood tree. The tree has its medical name as Aquilaria and is available in as many as 15 unique species. As Oud is derived out of agarwood trees, the fragrance itself tends to vary depending on the particular tree used for its extraction. The fragrance is typically specified as a woody, sweet scent that is also slightly smoky. Oud is an extraordinary fragrance with seductive and intense aromas. The olfactory profile of Oud is assured to get you noticed upon wearing it. The wood fragrance of Oud is rich with nuances. It typically ranges from sweet to earthy to spicy and even leather-like. The smell of oud perfumes or fragrances will ultimately depend on the tree used for its extraction. Conclusion So, is oud fragrance really good? Oud and its fragrance are all about luxury, depth, and spiciness. It might appear slightly overpowering. Still, it is capable of evoking a sense of smoky and warm notes. In some cases, people might even find it pungent. The ultimate truth is that you will come across a plethora of Oud perfume options to try out. Pick your favorite Oud fragrance and wear it elegantly.

  • Your Complete Guide to Niche Perfumes

    The right fragrance is capable of elevating your mood, boosting your confidence, and drawing the attention of others. However, most stores make the process of coming across the right perfumes quite confusing and an overwhelming situation. Moreover, with access to only a limited selection of the highly sought-after brands out there, you have a higher chance of experiencing the ‘same scent, different bottle’ fatigue syndrome. Therefore, it is no surprise to why an increasing number of individuals prefer being away from common fragrance counters. Niche Perfumes - a Whole New Experience Experiencing fragrance can turn out to be a highly personal sensation. Common scents across departmental stores will not bring forth the intense sensory connection you will obtain out of an uncommon fragrance. This is wherein the role of niche perfumes comes in. Have you heard of the term ‘niche perfumes?’ Not sure about its exact meaning? Niche fragrances or perfumes are designed by artisanal fragrance manufacturers or studios focusing on the utilization of premium-quality ingredients along with greater attention to detail. As niche fragrances are not expected to appeal to a mass audience, these perfumes have access to improved creative freedom to be available with unique, surprising fragrant blends. Production of niche perfumes is usually on a smaller scale. At the same time, these perfumes are primarily sold by exclusive stores or boutiques. Typically, if you do not wish to possess a common-smelling perfume like others, you can opt for niche fragrances as the ultimate solution. An Overview of Niche Perfumes and Its Industry Brands related to niche perfumes have grown significantly in the past few years. There has been a significant rise in the total number of dedicated stores and boutiques who are known to sell these luxury fragrances. As per a study report, it is estimated that small-scale niche perfume brands are already taking away the majority of share of around £17 billion out of the perfume industry. As the trend of using niche perfumes continues, it is high time that perfume aficionados take ample to become familiar with the concept of niche fragrances and the entire industry. Niche is the term referring to a rare type of perfume. Niche perfumes are known to exude a special and interesting type of scent that is difficult to find somewhere else. Indeed, they might be a little pricier. Still, perfume afficionados usually find greater value in almost every drop or pinch. During the period of past few years, there has been a rapid rise in the trend of ‘niche’ perfumery as it makes it way into new exciting names like ‘elite’ in the contemporary fragrance market. Niche perfumes feature a daring and bolder impression when you try to come across a fresh fusion of unparalleled fragrances -taking inspirations from unique experiences and events to ultimately inspire others. The modern concoction of the purest scents in the form of niche perfumes tell a unique story altogether while evoking memories through senses. How is Niche Perfume Different from Designer Perfumes? Niche perfumes are available in limited quantities. On the other hand, designer perfumes are mass produced. This implies that individuals choosing niche perfumes are entitled to put on original and exclusive scents that is completely unique from what common people tend to wear. Niche perfumes also tend to be more focused on the preservation of the original fragrance. These usually do not make use of advertisements and packaging as the main selling points. Niche fragrances tend to be quite strict in the utilization of high concentration of fragrant extracts and improved natural ingredients towards creating a great sensation and one-of-a-kind experience every time the fragrance bottle is opened. What are Designer Perfumes? On the other hand, designer perfumes are regarded as the majority of fragrances that are available in departmental and large retail stores. These fragrances are defined as mainstream fragrances while being commonly introduced by fashion houses. While designer perfume brands might lack exclusivity, one of the major selling points is affordability. There is no denying the fact that niche fragrances are priced significantly higher than designer fragrances. For an individual who would want to smell elegantly, there is a wide selection of designer perfumes available in the market that will not burn a hole in your pocket. Brands of designer perfumes appeal only to masses -not just because of the price but also because of the extensive promotion offered for them. Advertisements for designer fragrances are usually funded. Moreover, celebrities are used in the form of endorsers to come up with a mainstream fragrance brand and making it truly remarkable. Switching from Designer to Niche Perfumes? Aspects to Consider In the confusion between niche and designer perfumes, both options are available with stronger selling points to make each one a worthy option. However, the question still remains. Should you switch from designer to niche fragrances? The ultimate answer will actually depend on your personal preferences and standards. It serves to be a clash between unusual and common. It is almost a choice between special and ordinary. As selecting your fragrance can tell your story, you remain in the best position to understand what suits you the best. If you are still unsure of taking the switch from designer perfumes to niche fragrances, here are some aspects to consider: · Accessibility: An easy trip to the nearest shopping mall will offer you access to a wide range of designer fragrances. On the other hand, niche perfumes have nowadays become increasingly accessible with more niche or boutique perfume houses or even leading stores online. · Scent or Fragrance: Your choice of fragrance is crucial to making the selection between designer and niche perfumes. Your overall preference will ultimately depend on how you wish to make use of the fragrance. Do you wish to smell great? Or, do you wish to simply smell excellently because of the unique fragrance? There is a wider selection of exclusive designer perfumes available in a wide range of fragrances. If you wish to try something unique and personalized, you will realize that niche perfumes are worth your overall choice. · Cost: Designer fragrances serve as the ultimate winner as far as the overall cost is concerned. It is because of the comparably low prices than niche perfumes. However, as you assess further, you will realize that niche perfumes might not be too pricey -especially if you observe the long-lasting scent and quality they have to offer. What Characterizes a Niche Perfume? · Unusual Fragrances: Primarily, niche perfumery makes use of unique raw materials in the manufacturing of unique fragrances. Therefore, they might end up surprising the users. You can end up falling in love, shock, or even embarrassment. Still, you will never feel indifferent with niche perfumes. For instance, it could imply a unique combination of champagne and vodka, oud wood and gaiac, champignons and white truffles, the odor of old car and tobacco or molasses. · Natural Raw Materials: Niche perfume makers only try to make use of all-natural raw materials to deliver the highest quality of fragrances. The year of harvest and the place of growth of the natural materials also play a vital role in determining its fragrance. For instance, a niche perfumer will not feel lazy in heading over to North Africa to purchase the fragrance of orange tree flower or visit Indonesia to extract the aromatic senses of the gaiac tree. · Production Volumes: It is important to note that niche perfumery is not meant for mass production. In most cases, its production is limited by raw materials that could be obtained every year. Some niche fragrances are produced in significantly low quantities that they arrive only in niche perfume boutique stores -usually in quantities of one or two every year. · Packaging & bottle: Niche perfumes do not feature expensive designer packaging or bottles -quite typical to luxury perfumery brands. The bottle of a niche perfume can be a classic shape or design. At the same time, in some cases, you might find the label to be signed by hands. · Lack of Marketing: It is quite rare to spot a niche perfume on the pages of a glossary magazine. When you purchase a bottle of luxe class perfumes, you are paying for around 50 to 70 percent of its overall advertising, inclusion of TV stars, movie stars, and leading articles in famous magazines. At the same time, you might also end up paying around 25-40 percent for the packaging of the perfume bottle. Therefore, ultimately, only 5-10 percent is spent for the perfume and its fragrance itself. On the other hand, in case of niche perfumes, the consideration is completely different. The primary expenses are aimed at the exclusivity of aromas and the selection of the respective raw materials. · Legend: Every perfume is known to feature its own story. During the creation of a niche fragrance, a perfumer might imagine why he or she is doing the same. This is true particularly in case of old fragrances, produced or recreated over the years with strict adherence to the production technology and the recipe. Choosing the Best Niche Perfumes for Yourself A niche perfume serves to be distinct from a designer or luxe fragrance because of its impressive pyramid. Essentially, designer perfumes tend to be mass-producing and crowd-pleasing. On the other hand, niche scents are more extravagant and artistic. Some important pointers to keep in mind while buying a niche perfume are: · Taking Care Before Buying Niche Scents: Before you go ahead with shopping for niche perfumes, it is important to decide the level of intensity you want in your fragrance. Some of the common terminologies associated with niche perfumes are: Ø Eau Fraiche -minimum concentration of only 1-3 percent concentration Ø Eau de Toilete -usually between 5 & 15 percent while lasting for around 2-4 hours at a stretch Ø Eau de Parfum -between 15 & 25 percent while lasting for 6-8 hours Ø Extrait de Parfum -between 20 and 40 percent of the total oil concentration · Look for a Specific Tang: One of the best ways of starting your journey to come across the best niche perfumes is exploring specific note expressions. This implies different versions of specific smells you prefer. These versions could include lime, jasmine, oud, and so more. Niche perfume brands are always delighted to help you enjoy the unique creations. · Become Acquainted with the Story and Message of the Perfume House: Unlike common fashion brands, perfume houses manufacturing top-quality niche perfumes move forward with a precise mission. A niche perfume will always a unique story. In most cases, it will represent unique values and angles of the world surrounding us. Conclusion Before you start choosing your favorite niche perfume, you might consider the reason behind selecting it in the first place. In most cases, fragrance enthusiasts start purchasing designer scents as they are quite common. However, in some cases, a particular smell might capture your overall attention while you end up finding about it from the wearer. Niche perfumes can be regarded as the avant-garde of the perfumery industry. Therefore, you can rest assured that a niche perfume will always make you stand out from the crowd. It is because it features unique ingredients and specifications. Therefore, it is critical to understand the importance of getting a niche scent that your personality effortlessly.

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    Check the Collections No-questions-asked returns Try the perfume & keep it only if you love it Free and fast delivery On your doorsteps in 3-5 days, with a surprise in each package The 'Lingering effect' you want Touche Royale perfumes are blended with proven ingredients to last 10+ hours (Guaranteed) Collections for YOU CHOOSE YOUR VIBE Signature Collection Check it out Royale Collection Check it out Fresh Collection Check it out Sample Perfume Sets Check it out Blended for YOU SHOP YOUR FUSION Try Now Quick View Fresh Collection | Set of 3 | Sample Perfumes - 2ml Price ₹299.00 Add to Cart Try Now Quick View Signature Collection | Set of 8 | Sample Perfume Set Price ₹699.00 Add to Cart Try Now Quick View Royale Collection | Set of 4 | Sample Set Price ₹399.00 Add to Cart Unisex Quick View Royale Leather Eau de Parfum by Touche Royale - 50 ml, Luxury Perfume Price ₹3,500.00 Add to Cart FREE HOME DELIVERY GET YOUR FAVOURITE PERFUME DELIVERED AT YOUR DOORSTEP FOR FREE GOLD PERFUME SHOP GOLD PERFUME FOR HIM WITH REAL 24K GOLD AND OUD OUR PERFUMES We are bringing forth a legacy in a blend of Oriental and Western craftsmanship, we are a brand based on uncompromising quality. ​ We proudly celebrate the rich connection between the two seemingly opposite worlds -perfumery and gemstones for empowering our emerging audience to embrace their identity. ​ Born out of precious beginnings and based on plentiful achievements, our stories are drawn from the grandeur and drama of the East while getting inspiration by the dynamism and power of the West. Shop by CATEGORY For HIM UNISEX For HER Fragrance FEEDBACK The Perfume that Lasts for Hours Y ou know the struggle of going to work or attending a friend’s party in the summer. You might leave home after spraying perfume, but it doesn’t really help. Within an hour or two, you are going to have to spray again. I was so tired of carrying perfumes in my bag that I wanted something that could last for hours without having to be reapplied. That’s why I bought silver perfume, and I must say, it did the job perfectly well, even better than I was expecting. You could wear it all day without having to reapply the perfume every few hours. If you want to smell amazing for hours, this perfume is for you. Try us Risk Free for 7 days RETURN POLICY We understand that fragrances are subjective. So break the seal, open the cap, and try the perfume. If you do not absolutely love it, we will generate a return pickup and replace it until you find your signature scent – or even issue a 100% refund. All the cost of pickup and delivery will be taken care of by us. No - questions - asked Returns Higly Concentrated Long Lasting Natural Oils Truly Luxurious

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    Filter by Category All Perfumes Signature Collection Fresh Collection Royale Collection Price ₹299.00 ₹12,999.00 Sort by Try Now Quick View Fresh Collection | Set of 3 | Sample Perfumes - 2ml Price ₹299.00 Add to Cart Try Now Quick View Royale Collection | Set of 4 | Sample Set Price ₹399.00 Add to Cart Try Now Quick View Signature Collection | Set of 8 | Sample Perfume Set Price ₹699.00 Add to Cart Unisex Quick View Spice Garden Eau de Parfum by Touche Royale - 50 ml, Luxury Long Lasting Perfume Price ₹2,000.00 Add to Cart Unisex Quick View Royale Oud & Bergamot Eau de Parfum by Touche Royale - 50 ml Price ₹4,000.00 Add to Cart Unisex Quick View Rainforest Eau de Parfum by Touche Royale - 50 ml, Luxury Long Lasting Perfume Price ₹2,000.00 Add to Cart Unisex Quick View Blue Moon Eau de Parfum by Touche Royale - 50 ml, Luxury Perfume Price ₹1,500.00 Add to Cart Unisex Quick View Royale Rose Oud Eau de Parfum by Touche Royale - 50 ml, Luxury Perfume Price ₹4,000.00 Add to Cart Unisex Quick View Royale Rose Musk Eau de Parfum by Touche Royale - 50 ml, Luxury Perfume Price ₹3,500.00 Add to Cart Unisex Quick View Royale Leather Eau de Parfum by Touche Royale - 50 ml, Luxury Perfume Price ₹3,500.00 Add to Cart Unisex Quick View Platinum Parfum by Touche Royale - 100 ml, Luxury Long Lasting Perfume Price ₹8,999.00 Add to Cart Unisex Quick View Sapphire Parfum by Touche Royale - 100 ml, Luxury Long Lasting Perfume Price ₹12,999.00 Add to Cart For Her Quick View Emerald Parfum by Touche Royale - 100 ml, Luxury Long Lasting Perfume Price ₹12,999.00 Add to Cart For Her Quick View Ruby Parfum by Touche Royale - 100 ml, Luxury Long Lasting Perfume | Smell Fresh Price ₹12,999.00 Add to Cart Unisex Quick View Silver Parfum by Touche Royale - 100 ml, Luxury Long Lasting Perfume Price ₹8,999.00 Add to Cart For Her Quick View Diamond Parfum by Touche Royale - 100 ml, Luxury Long Lasting Perfume Price ₹12,999.00 Add to Cart Unisex Quick View Coral Parfum by Touche Royale -100 ml, Luxury Long Lasting Perfume | Smell Fresh Price ₹10,999.00 Add to Cart For Him Quick View Gold Parfum by Touche Royale - 100 ml, Luxury Long Lasting Perfume | Smell Fresh Price ₹11,999.00 Add to Cart

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    CUSTOMER SERVICE Tel: +91-7827092595 HAVE A QUESTION? For questions or comments about our products and services, get in touch. Enter Your Name Enter Your Email Enter Your Subject Add Message Here Submit Thanks for submitting! OUR OFFICE 722 B, 7th Floor, Hemkunt Chambers, Nehru Place, Delhi, India CONTACT US

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