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Privacy Policy

We completely respect the privacy of our users and align with the consumers' privacy rights throughout the process. The below-mentioned policies acknowledge our efforts to offer consumer privacy. 


We incorporate the use of cookies on our site. It is a kind of modern technology enabling us to get information regarding user activities and offer a more customized experience to the consumer. We also incorporate technology that equips us to track your personal information to a certain extent. However, tracking is ethical when we create reports and assess consumer behavior trends. With our Website services, you acknowledge the use of cookies and provide us with your consent. 


Our team abides by all the regulations of safeguarding your information while also taking measures to fulfill the same purpose. Any disclosure is strictly prohibited from our end regarding the user information. Any piece of information taken from the user end by us is completely secured on our end. We align our working process with the required technical precautions. All our users' information is stored in highly protected systems to prevent any breach. The stored information extends to your name, phone number, email, billing details, transaction details, order information, etc. 


We take entirely targeted measures to avoid any fraudulent activity against our users. In such a scenario, your information stored in our system may be shared with a third-party organization or set up to prevent fraud. However, the affiliation to get such information from our end of those third parties will be assured by our team. Furthermore, in case of any breach, even after our efforts, we will be subjected to Indian laws.



All the telecommunication done by our end on behalf of our business or website will be recorded. This recording can be used later for training or quality purposes. In addition, in case of any breach or criminal activity, it may be shared with affiliated third parties to resolve the issue. 


Your personal data sharing

We completely safeguard your right to privacy. We protect our user information in all cases. However, in some specific scenarios, we might share your personal information with a third party/parties. Such scenarios include a preapproved agreement for sharing such information. Or for any discount offers or prizes for the user mentioned by us through any scheme. Or to any party with whom we have agreed to do so for any prior reason. 

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