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Terms and Conditions

This website comes under the ownership of Touche Royale LLP for management and operations. We are a perfume company residing and operating in India. The scenario of disputes will be resolved under the lawful jurisdiction of India. The following terms and conditions are required to be followed, and in case of any breach, severe implications can be subjected to the breacher.

Website utilization

  • This website and its tools belong to Touche Royale LLP. The user must follow all the terms and conditions while utilizing our website. The 'terms' signify the website's utilization and purpose and our perfume products. Moreover, users become subject to the terms and conditions just as they enter the website. The access to our website by a user is acknowledged as they have read and understood all the terms and conditions of use. Please consider the fact that any piece of information from our terms and conditions doesn't overlap or surpass your consumer rights. 

  • As determined by Indian law, we don't conduct or extend our business in any form of products or services to the countries allowed by the Indian regulatory guidelines. 

  • A user agrees that all the information on the website during any registration operation is entirely authentic and accurate. Any omission in the information will have complete accountability of the user. 

  • We have no liability to you in temporarily or permanently providing access to our website. 

  • The user can pay through online modes. In payment with a credit card, the user needs to provide correct customer identity information that must match with the credit card information.

  • You might encounter links not concerned with our site or business. Unfortunately, we have no accountability for the practice of those links. 

Product Purchase

A user visiting our website agrees that all the information provided on the website can be an invitation to make a deal with us. However, it is not a form of contract. Also, the order or buying request made by the customer can ultimately get rejected from our end without any prior notice. We can reject the order in case of non-fulfillment of payment on time, wrong information, and in finding a possibility of inappropriate use of the product. 

The prices mentioned on the website might vary depending on several factors. However, every user will receive a confirmation receipt by email after placing an order. 

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