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Hello, I am Pooja S Koul

As an intuitive reader who is a Tarot expert, and Healer I believe in gratitude, and manifestation to bring joy, peace and happiness. Tarot is not intended to answer specific yes or no questions or make decisions for you but instead guides you to make the decision. I aim to inspire people to live their best life. We are not put on this beautiful earth to suffer or be unhappy. We’re put here to have an amazing life and achieve all the things we dream of. I strongly believe we are responsible for our lives and I want to give people the confidence to transform themselves and their lives through Tarot. 

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Your belief in how Touche Royale Perfumes can help people?

Since the Perfumes are based on ancient Indian texts and are also energized with Gemstones and Real 24K Gold and Silver, I truly believe they can benefit the wearer in a positive way and help enhance their positive energy.

How many people have you helped with your knowledge?



Pooja sees tarot very differently and thus gives you the beautiful experience you are hoping to from tarot. Her readings are straight to the point with no sugar coating whatsoever, so you can expect truth in totality. 

Want to know which perfume will suit you?

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