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Coral Parfum is one of the most ethereal perfumes in our collection. It is composed of the most surreal elements, which provide its incredible smell. The top note of the perfume is composed of apple, lemon, neroli, and bergamot. This slowly diffuses into the heart note, which is rose, teak wood, and patchouli. The beautiful smell of teakwood and rose combines to give the scent an elegant yet earthen feel. The perfume's last note is composed of vanilla and musk. The enchanting smell of musk proffers the luxury feel to the coral parfum.


The complete notes of the perfume together bring the most mesmerizing smells of the world's elements. The perfume is infused with coral in every drop. The perfume comes with a lab test to ensure the presence of a real coral gemstone inside the bottle. Wearing coral parfum, brings positivity and love to a person's life. It is also known to provide good digestive health and strong immunity.

Coral Parfum by Touche Royale -100 ml, Luxury Long Lasting Perfume | Smell Fresh

    • Red coral is the most well-known kind due to its astrological significance. It goes by several names, including "Marjaan," "Sinduja," "Maheya," "Vidrum," "Praval Ratna," "Musaragalva," "Latamani," and "Mangalmani," among others. This gemstone might make it easier and more mature for the wearer to get through the challenging Mangal Dasha phase.
    • Team Management, Administrative, and Leadership Roles Success- Red coral stone, which is linked to the aggressive planet Mars, helps the wearer by honing his improvisational teamwork abilities. It is highly advised for persons working in the Army, Police, Sports, or other professions where vast amounts of physical and mental stamina are necessary because it is known to instil tenacity, initiative, and focus.
    • Profitable Real Estate Business - According to Vedic astrology, Mars is known as the "Bhoomi Karaka," or the god of land and possessions. Thus, those employed in the real estate, interior design, mining, oil exploration, and physical asset management industries profit from red coral stone.
    • Improved Immunity & Digestive Health - The potential of red coral to restore digestive, circulatory, and psychological health makes it the healthiest gemstone by a wide margin. Additionally, it is worn to increase the wearer's immunity and mental clarity.