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Presenting Blue Moon – an exclusive, luxurious masterpiece by the renowned fragrance house. Embark on the aromatic journey that goes beyond the ordinary. Our creation promises its wearer to immerse them in the symphony of captivating scents, leaving an indelible impression that will dance upon the senses just like a full moon on a clear night.

At the first breath, the top notes will strike the senses elegantly with their harmonious blend of the finest essence of the world. Crisp spearmint, the verdant liquid reminiscent of the lush garden after the summer rain, will intertwine with the delicate allure of green nuances while singing the untamed wilderness. Lavender, the pinnacle of elegance, gives its soothing charm to the composition, whereas the fragrance of coriander and rosemary strikes a compelling complexity to the overall unveiling of the perfume.

As the symphony of our fragrance unfurls its splendor. The monarchical geranium will radiate the center of the olfactory tapestry; its velvety petals will defuse the captivating aroma beckoning the ephemeral moonbeam. The extravagance of the neroli, the homage to the bitter orange tree, will add a grace of sensuality to the bouquet. At the same time, the beguiling essence of jasmine will shower upon its intoxicating beauty, akin to the moonlit blooms, and beautify the secret garden. Nestled within, the warm embrace of sandalwood will impart a rich, creamy quality with utmost perfection while interlacing the medley with a velvety touch. 

When the last and captivating note concludes, it leaves an enduring impression on the wearer's senses and those around it. Covering the base notes is the cedarwood's perfect allure; the embodiment of resilience and strength imparts a sense of grounding to the ethereal character of the fragrance. The intoxicating trail of must will weave its unreal spell while infusing the composition with the remarkable magnetism that lingers in the air like an unbreakable enchantment. As the final strike of resiliency and brilliance, the alluring essence of amber will add a grace touch of golden warmth and cast a radiant glow on the skin. It will be reminiscent of the soft luminescence.

Blue Moon is not just an ordinary scent but a discovery of senses, the celestial journey through the dreamscape of fragrances that celebrates the beauty of nature's most exclusive gifts. Like the rare lunar phenomenon that draws its name, Blue Moon shines with the luminosity that cages the imagination and uplifts the spirit, transcending and beckoning the wearer to their inner allure.

Enveloped in the elegant falcon and decorated with intricate and delicate celestial motifs, our fragrance embodies the essence of luxury, grace, sophistication, and exclusivity. It is a treasure to behold; it is a clear-cut proof of the artistry and creativity of our master perfumers who breathed life into it, the alchemical combination of notes that gracefully bonds and creates the olfactory masterpiece of this age and time. 

Experience the Blue Moon and let its lavender, mint, geranium, sandalwood, and other notes take you on a journey where the moon's soft glow shines upon the skin, casting spells on those floundering in its luminous aura. Enhance your senses and get ready for the journey of the odyssey of elegance with its remarkable fragrance. 

Blue Moon Eau de Parfum by Touche Royale - 50 ml, Luxury Perfume