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Our Emerald Parfum is the perfect blend of simplicity and luxury of the precious stone. It brings immense strength to financial ventures and has an incredibly supportive capacity for intellect. The perfume is also infused with this goodness and favourable luck.


The fragrance of the perfume starts with top notes of Bergamot and Lavender. The soothing smell of these two flowers sends a person into pure bliss. Following heart notes are composed of jasmine. The purity of jasmine brings a lovely tide of emotions that are garnered towards relaxation and comfort. Then, we come to our bottom note as the fragrance fades from its heart. Now it gives a beautiful and powerful smell of sandalwood, which works on all six senses to captivate anyone. The beautiful smell has a fantastic combination of flowers and sandalwood, which goes down as the peaceful waterfall to be the most enchanting smell. 


The perfume has a Real Emerald Gemstone inside the bottle which is accompanied with it's authenticity certificate.

Emerald Parfum by Touche Royale - 100 ml, Luxury Long Lasting Perfume

    • For Success in Creative Projects: According to astrological theories, the Green Emerald, also known as the Panna stone, enhances the wearer's capacity for imagination and creativity. It enables successful ideation and innovation on the part of the native. Thus, wearing green emerald is seen as being very advantageous for writers, artists, PR professionals, media agents, etc.
    • As the "Stone of Prosperity," emerald is thought to encourage financial growth. It stands for growth and vigour. Wearing a high-quality Panna stone promotes improved employment prospects and financial development. Thus, astrologers strongly advise those who work in banking, finance, share trading, bookkeeping, etc., to use emerald perfume.

    • Brings Wisdom & Intellect: Mercury (Budh) controls Intellect in Vedic astrology (Budhi). According to a myth, wearing an emerald stone will give you intellectual abilities. Emerald gemstones are highly regarded by astrologers as a source of wisdom. Students preparing for competitive exams are also thought to benefit from wearing an emerald gem scent.

    • Improves Oratorship: One of the emerald stone's most well-known advantages is an advancement in oratory abilities. Emerald is recognised as the Vaani Karaka in the holy Vedas (Significator of Speech). The healing properties of the Panna gemstone help the wearer develop their self-confidence and communication abilities. Those who work in PR, media, or mass communication-related positions obviously stand to gain the most from Panna.

    • Improves Physical Health: Wearing a Green Emerald stone scent is profoundly believed to help people with eye, ear, or skin conditions in alternative healing modalities. It is said that panna rashi ratan is very effective in treating illnesses of the nervous system, allergies of the respiratory tract, and problems of speech.

    • Bestows Matrimonial Harmony: People who are enduring a tough relationship can benefit from wearing an emerald (Panna) gemstone. The gemstone's harmonic energies encourage happiness and mutual understanding between the couple.