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Amidst the verdant depth of the most enchanting sanctuary of nature, the olfactory masterpiece has been created known as Rainforest. It is an ethereal fragrance, a remarkable creation by us. It will transport the senses to a place where luscious foliage harmonizes with the celestial light, filling its air with nature’s melody and symphony.

The great fragrance journey will begin with the celestial top notes, an invigorating prelude to the olfactory opus that unfolds. Lavender, one of nature’s dearest treasures and the symbol of tranquility and grace will harmonize the senses with its velvety floral embrace. Rosemary, the aromatic wisdom of the ancients, will enhance its verdant, herbaceous flourishment. The delicacy of basil will include the green and spicy essence, the ode to the abundance of life inside the embrace of the forest. Lastly, Verbena, the vibrant citrusy allure will exude the fleeting rays of sunlight that filter through the emerald canopy.

As the core note of the Rainforest unveils a hidden glade, the senses will encounter the tapestry of captivating notes. Angelica, known for its mystical aura, will reveal the herbal and earthy facet that captivates the adventurous soul. Cinnamon, the luxurious spice equipped with warmth and reminiscent of hearth fires, will light up the nostalgia as if a campfire is burning from afar. Coriander will impart an inviting allure and lend a comforting depth to the symphony of fragrances. Juniper Berry, the fragrant fruit of evergreen, will exude a serene embrace to guide wanderers to the castle of calm during the verdant tapestry.

The final act, the foundation of notes, will unveil themselves like the deep roots of ancient trees that anchor the fragrance with its enduring majesty. Balsam fir, emanating the resinous sophistication, will capture the essence of bohemian mystique and lend an earthy warmth reminiscent of fertile soil beneath us. Vetiver offers a woody character and weaves the sense of grounding as if one admires our nature's eternal wisdom. As the final strike, Oakmoss, the remarkable note filled with richness, will cover the composition transcending time. 

When wearing Rainforest, you are bound to become a custodian of the emerald and luscious realm, the ambassador of the magnificence of earth. Every note that is meticulously chosen and harmonized will tell a tale of elegance and unbridled allure. Our fragrance is an invitation to a journey that embarks on the sensory pilgrimage, where both body and soul will go on a journey through rich foliage and landscapes of the souls. With each inhalation, a new facet of the Rainforest will be revealed, the symphony of fragrances that unlocks in the crescendo of splendor.

In the transcendent symphony of fragrances, the wearer will turn into a nomad that traverses through the boundless terrain of the paradise of Rainforest, trapped by the wonders and enrichment through its profound beauty; you will enter a realm far beyond anything. Rainforest is more than a perfume, fragrance, or cent; it transforms its holders and builds an intimate connection with nature’s marvels. It is a real testament to the abundant treasures that our nature holds and cherishes. Experience the realm of fragrances and be its lovely guest by wearing Rainforest.

Rainforest Eau de Parfum by Touche Royale - 50 ml, Luxury Long Lasting Perfume