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In the world of fragrance and scents, where people are always looking for refinement and elegance, presenting you all the Royale Oud & Bergamot. Crafted with refined artistry, our extraordinary fragrance entices the senses and transports the wearer to the world of luxury and sophistication.

At the first breath, the top note will graciously dance in harmony while weaving the enchanting symphony of fragrances. The refreshing and cool essence of mint weaves effortlessly with the green and vibrant nuances that evoke visions of luscious, sun-kissed landscapes. With its timeless allure, lavender will embrace the senses with its soothing and soft touch. In contrast, rosemary and coriander will lend a subtle and distinct aromatic spice, enriching the composition with its presence.

As Royale & Bergamot blossoms, the core heart will come to life, unveiling a mesmerizing bouquet of enticing aromas. Geranium is known for its velvety petals that infuse the atmosphere with its floral elegance. In contrast, the neroli will add a tantalizing hint of citrusy brightness that will sparkle like the sunlight on a delightful morning. The richness of jasmine will weave the alluring tapestry of sweet florals that are harmoniously and gracefully entwined with the woody and warm undertones of sandalwood while casting a captivating spell on those who encounter the spending creation.

The base of Royale Oud & Bergamot graciously rests upon the sumptuous base; it draws its strength from the collection of noble ingredients. Cedarwood, with its enchanting and refined scent, bestows an atmosphere of timeless sophistication upon the scent. As it is enveloped in mystery, Musk adds the touch of sensuality, beckoning all creations nearby to lean in and savor the specific allure. Finally, with its ambergris-like allure, amber will provide rich and velvety embraces lingering on the skin, leaving a trail of indulgence.

Like the exquisite masterpiece, the fragrance goes beyond time and space, captivating both the wearer and those lucky to be near it. The Royale Oud & Bergamot will transform into a symphony of emotion and evoke memories of grandiose gatherings and refined soirees with every nuanced layer that unveils itself to the senses. The wearer gets covered in the aura of sophistication and leaves an indelible mark, the lingering presence igniting the curiosity and admiration of others.

Decorated in a bottle of opulent designs, this olfactory treasure will capture the essence of timeless luxury. Royale Oud & Bergamot will pay homage to the grand traditions of perfumery, where passion and artistry converge to create a delightful masterpiece. Every spray releases a cascade of beauty and combines the elegance of the past and the allure of the current time.

As the sun dips below the horizon to cast a warm glow over the evening sky, our fragrance emerges as the perfect blend for captivating nights. Its aromatic layers will open like a captivating story to create an atmosphere of allure and enchantment. The interplay of mint and lavender in the opening notes will evoke the sensation of a gentle breeze, whereas the heart notes of sandalwood and jasmine beckon images of moonlit gardens where flowers bloom under the night’s gaze. 
Royale Oud & Bergamot is a fragrance celebrating the beauty of contrasts. It marries the freshness of green notes with the depth of amber and musk, the floral exuberance of the woody sophistication.

Royale Oud & Bergamot Eau de Parfum by Touche Royale - 50 ml