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 On your doorsteps in 3-5 days, with a surprise in each package

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Touche Royale perfumes are blended with proven ingredients to last 10+ hours (Guaranteed)

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  We are bringing forth a legacy in a blend of Oriental and Western craftsmanship, we are a brand based on uncompromising quality.

  We proudly celebrate the rich connection between the two seemingly opposite worlds -perfumery and gemstones for empowering our emerging audience to embrace their identity. 

  Born out of precious beginnings and based on plentiful achievements, our stories are drawn from the grandeur and drama of the East while getting inspiration by the dynamism and power of the West. 


Fragrance FEEDBACK

The Perfume that Lasts for Hours


You know the struggle of going to work or attending a friend’s party in the summer. You might leave home after spraying perfume, but it doesn’t really help. Within an hour or two, you are going to have to spray again. I was so tired of carrying perfumes in my bag that I wanted something that could last for hours without having to be reapplied. That’s why I bought silver perfume, and I must say, it did the job perfectly well, even better than I was expecting. You could wear it all day without having to reapply the perfume every few hours. If you want to smell amazing for hours, this perfume is for you.


Try us Risk Free for 7 days

We understand that fragrances are subjective. So break the seal, open the cap, and try the perfume.

If you do not absolutely love it, we will generate a return pickup and replace it until you find your signature scent – or even issue a 100% refund.

All the cost of pickup and delivery will be taken care of by us. 

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